Welcome to Rastafari JAMS Reggae Radio: All Day, Everyday, Non-Stop Reggae

Welcome to Rastafari JAMS Reggae Radio: All Day, Everyday, Non-Stop Reggae

Tune Into Rastafari JAMS Reggae Radio: All Day, Everyday, Non-Stop Reggae

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Welcome to Rastafari JAMS Reggae Radio, your ultimate destination for the finest Roots Reggae music streaming around the clock. At Rastafari JAMS, we’re not just a radio station; we’re a vibrant community dedicated to celebrating and preserving African culture and heritage through the powerful medium of reggae music. Join us as we spread conscious thoughts and positive vibrations 24/7, 365 days a year!

Our Mission

Our mission at Rastafari JAMS Reggae Radio is simple yet profound: to expose, honor, and preserve African culture and heritage. We believe in the transformative power of reggae music to educate, uplift, and unite people across the globe. Through our carefully curated playlists and special programming, we strive to keep the spirit of reggae alive and thriving, connecting listeners with the roots of this powerful genre and its rich cultural context.

Weekly Special Programming

We are excited to offer special programming throughout the week, bringing you the best of reggae in all its forms. Tune in for these themed days and let the rhythms and messages of reggae guide your week:

🎶 Mondays: #MellowMoodMondaysWithDiMarleys
Start your week with the legendary sounds of Bob Marley and his family. From 12am to midnight PST, we play 24 hours of Marley’s music, celebrating the timeless legacy of reggae’s most iconic family. Feel the mellow vibes and let the wisdom of Bob, Ziggy, Damian, and the whole Marley clan uplift your spirit.
Hashtag: #MellowMoodMondays

🎸 Tuesdays: #ToshTuesdays
Every Tuesday, we dedicate 24 hours to the revolutionary sounds of Peter Tosh. From “Legalize It” to “Equal Rights,” hear back-to-back tracks from Tosh’s powerful catalog starting every hour. Immerse yourself in the fearless spirit of one of reggae’s fiercest advocates for justice and freedom.
Hashtag: #ToshTuesdays

👑 Wednesdays: #EmpressesOfReggaeWednesdays
Celebrate the powerful voices of the Empresses of Reggae with two, 4-hour blocks of music from the genre’s leading female artists. From 12am to midnight PST, enjoy tunes from legends like Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt, and Queen Ifrica. These women have made significant contributions to reggae, and their music continues to inspire and resonate worldwide.
Hashtag: #EmpressesOfReggaeWednesdays

🌿 Sundays: #ClassicReggaeSundays
Wrap up your week with the classics that have defined reggae music. Every Sunday, we play 24 hours of classic reggae tracks from the genre’s golden era. Relive the magic of the foundational sounds that have shaped reggae into what it is today, and discover timeless gems that never grow old.
Hashtag: #ClassicReggaeSundays

Celebrating 10 Years of Rastafari JAMS

2023 marks the 9th anniversary of Rastafari JAMS Reggae Radio! Over the years, we’ve grown into a beloved community hub, with over 40,000 loyal monthly listeners and a social media following of 325,000+. Our reach extends to an average of 3.5 million accounts monthly, and we are grateful for the continuous support and love from our listeners and followers.

Advertise with Rastafari JAMS

We are thrilled to offer affordable advertisement packages to reggae artists and brands looking to expand their reach. Whether you’re an artist eager to boost your streams or a brand seeking to connect with our engaged audience, we have tailored packages to meet your needs. Advertising with Rastafari JAMS is more than just promoting your product or music; it’s about joining a community that values cultural heritage and conscious messaging.

Submit your request for advertisement and explore our affordable individual and combo packages at linktr.ee/rastafarijams. We’re excited to help you elevate your brand and share your message with our global audience.

Join Us in the Vibes

We apprecialove your time and attention, and we look forward to working together to spread the love and vibrations of reggae music far and wide. As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain committed to the principles of Rastafari and the enduring legacy of reggae music.

One Perfect Love,
Rastafari JAMS Reggae Radio

Stay connected and tune in for the best in reggae music, culture, and conscious living. Together, let’s keep the rhythm alive and the vibes high!

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