On-Air Schedule



Every Monday | Midnight to 11:59 PM


Kickstart your week with a journey through the Marley legacy. #MellowMoodMondaysWithDiMarleys is dedicated to the legendary Bob Marley, his talented children, and his grandchildren who continue to spread the Reggae spirit. From midnight to midnight, immerse yourself in the timeless rhythms and messages of the Marley family. Let the soothing sounds and powerful lyrics set the tone for a week of positivity and unity.

Mellow Mood Mondays with Di Marleys programming on Rastafari JAMS Reggae Radio that airs every Monday



Every Tuesday | Midnight to 11:59 PM


Brace yourself for a day filled with the revolutionary energy of Peter Tosh. #ToshTuesdays brings you a heavy dose of his iconic music, celebrating his contributions to reggae and his relentless spirit of activism. From midnight to midnight, let Peter Tosh’s voice guide you through a day of empowerment and rhythmic joy. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to his music, #ToshTuesdays will reignite your passion for Reggae.

Tosh Tuesdays on Rastafari JAMS Reggae Radio every Tuesday programming



Every Wednesday | 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM & 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM PST


Wednesdays are for celebrating the powerful women of Reggae! #EmpressesOfReggaeWednesdays features two separate four-hour shows dedicated to the queens of the genre. Tune in from 7 AM to 11 AM and again from 6 PM to 10 PM PST to experience the soulful and empowering sounds of Reggae’s leading ladies. From roots Reggae to contemporary hits, these empresses bring grace, strength, and unparalleled talent to the airwaves.

Empresses of Reggae Wednesdays on Rastafari JAMS Reggae Radio every Wednesday programming with two 4 hour shows playing strictly the woman of Reggae



Every Sunday | Midnight to 11:59 PM


Wrap up your week with a day-long celebration of Reggae’s golden age. #ClassicReggaeSundays transports you to the era of legendary rhythms and timeless classics. From midnight to midnight, enjoy a non-stop rotation of Reggae’s foundational tracks that have shaped the genre. Let these classic beats and melodies fill your Sunday with nostalgia and joy, creating the perfect end to your week.

Classic Reggae Sundays on Rastafari JAMS Reggae Radio every Sunday programming with a image of Jamaican Reggae legend Jacob Miller

At Rastafari JAMS Reggae Radio, we believe in the power of Reggae music to inspire, uplift, and connect. No matter the day, we have the perfect Reggae tune to put you put you in positive vibrations.